Building Projects

We are building...a Better Community within!

These are the renderings for what is now the Front Lobby, it will become Town Square, where services will be centralized for residents/patients throughout the facility. The Town Square will include: a Bar/Cafe space, Theater/Meeting Room, Doctor’s Office (for in house Dentist and Optometrist), the Gift Shop, Beauty shop, chapel, resident library and various visiting/sitting areas.

This rending shows the new Cottage Cove Rehab entrance of the facility, on the east side of the building. The rending also shows the new assisted living, Hartford on the River. This is the final phase of of the Renovation Project. These renderings show the main entrance to the Hartford on the River as well as two outdoor porches.

Information About Riverview

DayBreak Adult Day Center. Living Room, Dining Room and New Shower Room

DayBreak renovations are Amazing!

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While Riverview is owned and operated by the Ottawa County Commissioners, the facility is financially independent. Riverview receives no funds from the Ottawa County general fund. Riverview’s revenue stream includes Medicare, Medicaid, Private Pay Individuals, and commercial insurances among a few other smaller revenue sources.

Riverview does have a five year .5 mill tax levy which brings in approximately $850,000 per year. This tax levy is utilized for capital projects to keep the facility in good condition to remain an asset to the Ottawa County tax payers, a comfortable home to our residents and an attractive choice in our competitive senior housing industry.

This site is updated with current Riverview capital projects funded by our Riverview levy.

The Riverview Renovation Project is funded by a 10 million dollar Bond being paid through the facility’s currently .5 mil tax levy. 

Our Front Lobby has been transformed to Town Square

There is still much to do in our new Town Square, but as you can see it is taking shape!

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The Ante Room

The Ante Room, featuring entrances into the Doctor’s Office and Theater/Meeting Room, Mailboxes for future Assisted Living residents, and gathering space.

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Salon/Barber Shop

Our new Salon/Barber Shop located in Town Square

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New Resident Library with Computer Access

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Staff and Administrative Offices

New Social Service Office.
This location centralized our Licensed Social Worker for better access for our residents and their families. This new location is also next to our Case Manager, so discharge plans can begin for short term residents upon admission.

New RN Case Manager Office.
Centralized in the center of our facility for better access for residents and their families. Also features a small meeting area to meet with potential admissions and their families.

Human Resources Assistant Office, featuring a small meeting space for staff or new hire orientation.

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Station 1 Staff Lockers

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Demolition of Station 1's Nurses Station Shower Room

We are still have areas with ongoing demolition

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Renovated Vending & Employee Break Room - Completed

As areas have been completed we can see how we needed these updates.

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New Employee Area

The current employee break room, had a sitting area with lockers, a dining area and a vending area that could only be accessed by walking through the dining area. The new vending area/break room will allow access by residents, visitors and guest through the hallway, without walking through the employee break area. The area that did have the vending machines will now be lockers for staff use as well as a private shower and bathroom for employee use. The new break room dining area will have 2 microwaves as well as a sink, an ice maker and a refrigerator for employee meals. 

Phase II Demolition Has Already Begun

As Phase I begins to wrap up, Phase II demolition has already begun. 
• The former Auxiliary Gift Shop will become the New Beauty Salon. Currently the Beauty Salon is on our Station 2, this will better centralize this service for all residents throughout the facility. 
• The former business office, off the front lobby will become the new resident library, with books and computer access for all residents. 
• The former Administrative Conference Room  will be a meeting space that can be used for those waiting to visit the doctor (in house Optometrist, Dentist or Audiologist), the location of the mail boxes for the future Assisted Living Units, or just a gathering place for residents to read the morning paper or catch up on the latest talk around the town!

• The former DayBreak/Classroom, will be the new Auxiliary Gift Shop (a little larger than their former space). 
• The Environmental Services Director and Maintenance Offices will be the new Theatre. This space will can be set up to watch movies or the big game, or as a small meeting room for staff. The furniture for this room will be easily stored in the storage room off the theater, to accommodate the number of residents in wheelchairs vs. chairs, as well as tables when the room is being used as a meeting room.  
• The former HR Assistant office will become the Doctor’s Office. Currently this office is towards the back of the facility, in area that is far from any of our nursing units. This location will not only centralize these services but also give a nice waiting area for those waiting to see our in house Dentist, Optometrist and Audiologist. (Primary Care Physicians, in house Podiatrist and Psychiatrist and Psychologist normally visit residents in their rooms.)
• The former resident Library will become “The Bank” where residents can access their Personal Needs Accounts or have their billing questions answered.  

New Administrative Hallway

Just a few changes to the Administrative Hallway of Riverview. This hallway will still house the offices for Human Resources, the Chief Financial Officer, Payroll/Accounts Payable, Administrator, Director of Nursing and MDS (Minimum Data Set) RN Coordinator. 

• New to this hallway, is an additional door to the Business Office, to reach the Chief Financial Officer directly. There will also be a door between the Chief Financial Officer and Payroll/Accounts Payable (this is currently open between the two offices). This door will allow better privacy for resident and employee conversations, yet easy access to one another. 
• Currently the facility’s 24 hour lab contractor, uses part of the Nursing Supervisor’s Office for supplies. To give better privacy and easier access, a new lab supply closet has been designed next to the Director of Nursing’s office. 
• The current Medical Record’s office will become the Human Resource Assistant’s Office. With a little larger office, Human Resources will have a small conference area for employee meetings or new hire orientation. 
• The Administrative Hallway also utilizes a former computer storage closet for the main mailroom of the facility. The former mail room is part of the new location for the new theatre. Once again, the new location makes access easier for staff throughout the facility. 

Renovations Through Out Multiple Locations

This grouping of pictures shows the hallway that held Semi-Private Resident Rooms 401-408.
After the facility did a restructuring in 2009, this nursing unit was closed, and has sat unoccupied since this time. The certifications for these (16 beds), were put out of service by the Ohio Department of Health in January of 2018. This took the facility’s bed total from 190 to 174 (average census has typically been between 95 and 100).

This area has been remodeled and will be an administrative Hallway for Riverview’s RN Case Manager, Social Services, Medical Records, Assistant Director of Nursing and MDS (Minimum Data Set) Assistant. Currently these positions have offices located throughout the facility, this will centralize these positions, making them more accessible to all Riverview residents, staff and facility. Also located in this hallway is a new Administrative Conference Room (replacing the conference room being demolished off the front lobby). A new vending area has been remodeled , where the old Station 4 Nursing Assistant desk was. At the end of the project’s completion, this will give easy access for vending machine’s to Riverview Rehab and Assisted Living residents.